November 11-13, 2021
Barcelona & Internet

Ticket Presale

Help us make IAMW21 possible booking a ticket today.
Your early support makes the difference.

If you get an early supporter ticket now but for any reason can’t make it to Barcelona on Nov. 11-13, don’t worry! You can transfer it to another person OR convert it to a Social Live Stream Pass and request a refund for the price difference.

Remote Supporter

1x Social Live Stream Pass
🎁 Digital portrait by Sergio Albiac

Conference Supporter
1x Conference Day Ticket (Day 2)
1x Social Live Stream Pass
🎁 Digital portrait by Sergio Albiac

Reduced price

 <20 available 
All-Access Supporter
1x All-Access Ticket (3-Day Programme)
1x Social Live Stream Pass
🎁 3-month trial membership to The Billion Seconds Institute
🎁 Print portrait by Sergio Albiac 
🎁 IAM sweatshirt for the first 25 tickets

Reduced price
(sweatshirt not included)

 <35 available 

Other ways to support
Your contributions can also allow us to offer more reduced price ticket and create a Pay It Forward fund that enables people with lower income to attend

All-Access Patron
In exchange of your generous support as Patron of IAMW21, you get all the benefits of the All Access plus 1-year membership to The Billion Seconds Institute
Pay It Forward Fund Sponsor 
Sponsor 5x All-Access tickets (plus one for you) and in exchange you or your company will get a shout out on our website, + on the main stage during the opening ceremony

Special rewards
Learn more about the limited edition perks available for our early supporters:

All early supporter tickets  include a unique artwork by artist Sergio Albiac – a generative portrait of yourself as part of ‘I am because we are’, his upcoming project for IAM Weekend 21.

All-Access supporters, patrons and sponsors will get a 32x24cm Giclée print of their portrait on archival paper, manually dated and signed by the artist to be delivered during the event in Barcelona.

Remote and Conference will get a digital file.

‘In Randomness We Trust’ sweatshirts for the first 25 All-Access Supporters

All-Access supporters get 3-month trial memberships to The Billion Seconds Institute

1. Taxes and payment processing fees are included in the prices
2. Tickets are transferable. Conference Day and All Access are partially refundable. Read more details on the FAQ section.
3. Please pledge for reduced price tickets ONLY if you can't afford the full price, as they are very limited and are intended for people  with lower income levels.

If you have any questions not addressed in the FAQ below please send us an email to

FAQ & Covid-19 related info:

Our Refund Guarantee
If you book a ticket during the presale and can’t attend, due to any reason, your ticket will be converted into a Social Livestream Pass and we will refund the money difference back, minus 3-5% payment processing fees.

Why are you asking for early support?  
To make every previous edition of IAM Weekend possible we have promoted ticket sales for months leading up to the event, trying to secure early funding by offering cheaper prices for early ticket buyers.

This has only ever led to us falling short of the income we need to cover our production and programme costs – a shortfall that has to be offset by a very small core team willing to work many extra hours for very low fees, guest speakers contributing their time in exchange for supporting a community-focused event, asking many favours and ultimately asking for loans.

This model does not work for small organisations running indie events like IAM Weekend which are not designed to scale up and not willing to sell participants' attention to commercial sponsors.

With your early collective support we can have certainty about the financial feasibility of the event at an early stage, offer to pay fair fees to our guests and cover the event’s production costs.

What are the benefits of booking an early supporter ticket?
When you pay for an IAM Weekend ticket you are not only receiving individual access to the event, you are also part of a collective value exchange that, on top of helping us cover the programme and production costs, can allow us to:

1) Remain independent of corporate sponsorship while keeping the average ticket price as low as possible, considering equivalent professional conferences and the small scale and intimate atmosphere of the event;

2) Offer reduced price tickets for professionals with lower income levels and a Pay It Forward Fund that will allow people  to participate who would otherwise not be able to;

3) Cover the costs of recording, editing and publishing videos because, as a community-focused project, we want the topics discussed during the live event to be shared with as many people as possible.

In this way, IAM Weekend can become a small yet inspiring example of the internet-driven collective action, knowledge sharing and solidarity that we stand for.
Do you offer student or group discounts?  
Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic and resulting safety measures, we are currently unable to offer any group or student discounts.

If we pass our funding goal and still have capacity in the venue we will be able to create a Pay It Forward fund after the campaign and release subsidised tickets.

How are you preparing for possible travel & public health restrictions?
While the public health situation in many regions is currently still worrying, we are hopeful that many more people will be vaccinated and it will be safe to travel from most EU and non-EU countries to Barcelona and gather in mid-November.

Our main venue has protocols, facilities and the flexibility to comply with any possible restrictive measures and requirements that the local government may impose on small-scale events.

According to this we will limit the number of participants we receive per day prioritising our guests and participants’ health and safety. Side-events will be planned accordingly. We will keep you informed of these developments in the coming months.

What happens if the in-person event can’t take place?
We will offer extra flexibility to our early supporters, in the unfortunate event that the conference cannot take place you can choose between the following options:
  • Convert your ticket to an equivalent ticket for 2022
  • Use the price you paid for The Billion Seconds Institute membership or paid learning activities.
  • You can request a refund, excluding €50 of the Social Livestream Pass which is non-refundable and 10% from Kickstarter + bank fees.

You support us the most if you choose one of the first two options but will understand if you need the money back.

Please be assured that we will act responsibly in the interest of all involved.

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