We are on a mission to change how the digital economy is changing Everything. 


This is Everything.

Our mission is to contribute in creative, collaborative and collective ways to the transformation of the digital economy into climate-neutral, sustainable and plural ecosystems, encouraging solidarity and critical hope.

Read more about the thinking behind our mission in The Everything Manifesto, a collection of thought experiments and proposals to inspire this transition today, tomorrow and during the next billion seconds.

Our Work


The Billion Seconds Institute

We are launching a lifelong learning initiative to bring together a network of specialists, advisors and communities of practice to reimagine the ways we understand and shape the mental, social and environmental impacts of the digital economy.

Projects & Creative Partnerships

IAM Futures

We help and partner with organisations to scale the positive influence and cultural relevance they can have today, tomorrow and during the next billion seconds.

Featured projects by category:

IAM x Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ)︎︎︎
IAM x BBC: How To Fix The Internet︎︎︎

Design & Education
> IAM x UAL Futures Studio︎︎︎
> Design Does Forum for ELISAVA︎︎︎

Tech & Society
> IAM x SPACE10: Everython Delhi︎︎︎
> Strategic design of the Digital Future Society︎︎︎ program for the Mobile World Capital Foundation
> Design of a Responsible AI Toolkit for the Digital Future Society Lab
> Futures as tools (Horizon 2030) sessions for the Digital Future Society Think Tank working groups
> Creative strategy for Red Bull Basement Spain︎︎︎

Arts & Culture
> IAM x Tate Collective Everython︎︎︎
> Digital culture vision 2020 for ICEC
> IAM x Tate: Random co:jams︎︎︎ 
> Curatorial advisory for Loop︎︎︎, Ableton’s summit for music makers


IAM Weekend

The annual gathering for creative thinkers & doers who care about the futures of the internet(s), celebrated every spring in Barcelona since 2015.

Upcoming edition:

IAM Weekend 21

New dates: November 11-13, 2021
Barcelona & Internet

About us

We are a creative research lab helping citizens and organisations to anticipate, understand and address the socioecological challenges and opportunities emerging from the coevolution of digital technologies and internet cultures.

Since 2015, we organise annual conferences, develop creative partnerships and design collaborative experiments, bringing together hundreds of designers, artists, strategists, researchers and policy makers, to share knowledge, exchange perspectives and collectively imagine better futures.

We’ve worked with foundations, cultural institutions, universities, creative tech companies, innovation labs and media organisations around the globe, including BBC, Tate, Mobile World Capital Foundation, SPACE10, University of Arts London, Red Bull or Ableton.

Learn more about the story of IAM co-founders, Lucy Black-Swan & Andres Colmenares on FvF.

Contact us

Email: info[at]iam-internet.com

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Legal Notice

IAM is registered in Spain as Imperfect Futures S.L
VAT Nº ESB66423948. HQ Address: Carrer Pere IV 29, 6-6. 08018. Barcelona, ES

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